On Christ Alone

I can't get enough of this...praise God for the finished work of Christ!

How God Messed Up My Happy Atheist Life

In an excellent new article in Christianity Today, Nicole Cliffe writes: “Like many atheists (who are generally lovely moral people like my father, who would refuse to enter heaven and instead wait outside with his Miles Davis LPs), I started out snarky and defensive about religion, but eventually came to think it was probably nice for people of faith to have faith.” The entire article is worth checking out here.

Where do I fit? Finding An (Imperfect) Denomination To Give Your Life To

I know the challenges that come with trying to find a denomination that fits. I was born and raised in the Christian Church tradition only to become fascinated in my college years with the history, beauty and wonder of Anglicanism. My stint as an Anglican was a short one as I was soon swept away by John Calvin and a whole host of humble, godly, thoughtful Presbyterians. But then there was that darn infant baptism thing. This sent me down the road to where I would eventually land. You probably guessed it already. In time I found my home as good ol’ Baptist, where I now joyfully live and serve the Lord as a church member and pastor. While I praise God for all of the ways He used these differen

Moving A Dying Church Forward

Each week our Replant team members speak with leaders from churches who find themselves at the point of crisis and nearing closure. These churches share common challenges and struggles. Those inside the church no longer look like surrounding community. The aged congregation has been faithful but their numbers are diminishing as they pass away. Historical conflict has caused leaders to leave, camps to form and the community to be overlooked. Their decision-making processes allow everyone the opportunity to say “No” and none to say “Yes.” Money in the bank provides a false sense of security—that things can go on as they are a little longer. Evangelistic zeal has faded and baptisms are few. Th

Mark Dever on the Dangerous Allure of Speed in Ministry

Mark Dever gives a needed talk at Together for the Gospel 2016 on “Endurance Needed: Strength for a Slow Reformation and the Dangerous Allure of Speed.” This was the talk that meant the most to me. We pastors face pressure from without and within to turn people into projects to reach our own desired goals in order for folks to look at us and say, “Ooh!” Reform can be slow, but the process is a beautiful journey with people you love and treasure in your local church. Here were some quick takes from this talk: Pastoring, like parenting, is urgent work but not quick. God gives unending provision because we have an unending commission! God alone, not a goal set, is our ministry. You need a godly

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