Reformation Day And The Reformed Faith

Today is Reformation Day and I am a Reformed Christian. What does that even mean? Perhaps you are seeing FB posts on Martin Luther and John Calvin and other Protestant reformers on your FB wall and are wondering, "what is this reformed faith all about?" That is a big that I don't have time to try and address in a short blog post. However, while many have their own thoughts and opinions on what the core components of the Reformed faith are, I would like to offer what I believe to be the essential components of biblical, Reformed theology. These 13 convictions lie at the very heart of what myself and other Reformed Christians believe, treasure, and live for. The following is ada

A Missional Halloween

If you observe the habits of American churches you’ll notice a peculiar trend every October. While the rest of the nation is gearing up for Halloween, evangelicals are planning harvest festivals, Reformation Day parties, and trunk-or-treat events. While stores are overflowing with items to decorate homes and neighborhoods, and seasonal costumes and candy, Christians are preparing to create separatist gatherings away from the clamor of this cultural holiday. In many ways this reaction to Halloween is understandable. Halloween is primarily directed at children and we have long been told—rightly or not—that the chief goal of raising children is to protect them from the evil that exists all

More Than a Vote: The 3 Most Important Jobs for Every Church Member

I’ve heard well-meaning pastors appeal to church attenders to join in membership by emphasizing open committee positions and the influence of voting on important decisions. At other times, I have heard church membership undersold as an insignificant step that’s something like signing a petition on a street corner. “Sign-up, it makes our numbers look good.” Pastor, help your people see the real reason church membership is important; it is God’s normative discipleship paradigm. In his little book Understanding the Congregation’s Authority, Jonathan Leeman says the purpose of church membership is about mission, not meetings. Like Leeman, my train of thought and comments assume an elder-led, con

How To Walk Into Church

I recently came across a brief little book that I wish every Christian would read. The title is simply, "How to walk into Church." You can buy the book here. The author is Tony Payne, who I love. He has co-written one of my favorite books on pastoral ministry and leadership in the church called "The Trellis and the Vine," which I would also HIGHLY recommend reading if you haven't. Get it here. But back to "How to walk into Church"... The book's description is simply this: If you've been a churchgoer for more than just a few Sundays, walking into church probably doesn't seem like it deserves its own 'how to' manual. Right? In fact, it most likely seems like a pretty straightforward and trivia

When God Says "No" To Our Plans

What are our ministry goals? As a church planter our goals are many times good things that focus around discipleship, healthy churches, and seeing the gospel advanced in our communities. But is there something about doing church work that makes us believe that as long as we aspire to good things, the Lord will bless our journey with great success? Over the past 10 years of ministry, I have waged the emotional war from excitement to despair. Is it my sin that prohibits the gospel? Is it my motives that cause my plans to fall short? Is it my plans that are flawed? All these questions swirl in my mind as I face disappointment. I find some relief as I read Acts 16. In Acts 16, Paul and h

Completing the Mission Without Compromising Our Convictions

​​As a church planter, my greatest joy in ministry and mission is seeing God save and change people by His grace and for His glory. I love watching Jesus rescue people, who were once really far away from God in their sin, but now by grace, through faith in Christ, are close to Him in real faith, love and obedience. As a leader, I want to give my life away and use every resource God has given me to glorify the name of Jesus and extend the fame of Jesus in Denver and beyond, by making disciple-making disciples and by planting church-planting churches. I believe that this should be the grace-given, Spirit-driven desire of every genuine follower of Christ and every genuine Christian church. This

Preaching Like Jesus

Pastors today find themselves in a culture that disdains any outside authority dictating how to live or what to believe. A lack of authoritative expository preaching inevitably leads to the congregation’s lack of obedience and confusion about the mission of the church. Walt Kaiser asks, “Where has the prophetic note in preaching gone? Where is the sense of authority and mission previously associated with the biblical Word? One of the most depressing spectacles in the Church today is her lack of power. . . . At the heart of this problem is an impotent pulpit.”[1] Is the American church suffering from an impotent pulpit? If so, what is the remedy? Did Jesus Himself preach with authority? If s

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