The Christ-Like Leadership of the New England Patriots

When it comes to putting a team together, no one does it more like Jesus than the New England Patriots. I realize that to use the words “Patriots” and “Jesus” in the same sentence is to many tantamount to calling black white, up down, wrong right. Isn’t the NFL’s evil empire responsible for two of our nation’s three most historic scandals—Spygate and Deflategate? (No doubt some of the haters think Belichick probably also had his hand in on Watergate.) Well, I will reserve judgment on these matters for now. What I will say is that from the vantage point of my couch on Sunday afternoons I’ve concluded that we could all learn from how the Patriots’ leadership philosophy emulates that of Jesu

Understanding God’s Heart for Church Revitalization and Replanting: Conviction #4

Conviction #4: When a church returns to its first love, Jesus, begins to bring about revitalization through three types of Renewal. When a church comes to the point of genuine humility, returning to Jesus and the Gospel as its first love, then and only then does God begin to bring about true renewal and revitalization. He does this through three types of renewal.[1] #1: Personal Renewal. The personal renewal of a dying congregation’s leaders is where true congregational renewal begins. This starts with the heart of the leaders. Personal renewal means that as leaders in the church, in our lives we need more of the Holy Spirit. We need to grow in humility. We need to grow in our love for peopl

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