Why Replants Need A Sending Church

What is a sending church and why is one needed to help replant a church effectively? Simply put, a sending church is a congregation that agrees to come alongside and help replant a dying congregation for the long haul. In a very real sense, the sending church serves as the sponsor or mother church for the replant. The role of this church is to pray for, encourage, and serve the newly replanted congregation however they can. The idea of a sending church is most common to hear in the context of church planting. After all, many recognize that for a church to succeed it needs more than a high-capacity pastor or compelling outreach strategy. It needs a church to foster and champion its growth. In

Don't just go to church...

Don’t Go To Church, by Chris Hooper Don’t go to church Be the church Stop attending a service Once or twice a month Or even thrice or more Stop attending and rather gather Collect with the “also called” Join in their songs and chants and prayers Offer up your own Bring with you Christ And as the church reforms Every Sunday, a great mystery you will see God with us: proclaimed, professed, possessed A family of “also called” sinners becomes a radiant bride So don’t settle to go to church Watching, attending, observing, critiqueing Rather be, remain, and reform weekly or more The mysterious gathering of little Christ-ones That reconstitute his collected body, his rebuilt temple, his restored fa

6 Reasons Expositional Preaching Is So Important

Why is expositional preaching so important to the health and mission of the Church today? D.A. Carson lays out six reasons why he believes expositional preaching deserves to be our primary method of proclamation as preachers: 1. It is the method least likely to stray from Scripture. If you are preaching on what the Bible says about self-esteem, for example, undoubtedly you can find some useful insights. But even when you say entirely true things, you will likely abstract them from the Bible's central story line. Expository preaching keeps you to the main thing. 2. It teaches people how to read their Bibles. Especially if you're preaching a long passage, expository preaching teaches people ho

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