7 Ingredients Of Great Groups

Why is it that some group experiences are amazing, while others flounder? I'm guessing you have experienced both at one time or another. What makes a great group, great? Whether it is a small group Bible study, community group, missional community, elder team, discipleship group, volunteer ministry team, or church staff, let me offer 7 ingredients for a great group. None of these ingredients are original or earth shattering. In fact, they are very unoriginal. However, I would say where one or two of these ingredients are lacking in a group or team, there will potentially become a growing sense of frustration, confusion, and disunity. #1. Commitment. No one wants to be part of a group where f

Helping People "Stick" At Your Church

Dan Hallock, pastor of Cedarhome Baptist Church in Stanwood, Washington, recently wrote this to his key leaders. A great example of helping your leaders create a church culture that is hospitable, loving, and sticky! Hello Church Leaders! I praise God that we’ve had many visitors on Sunday mornings over the past six weeks! As a leader of people in our church, YOU play an integral part in helping people “stick” to our church family! Here are four ways I need you to help do that: 1) Take No Person for Granted! We cannot take it for granted that new people will visit our church. When new faces are in our midst, we leaders must bend over backwards to welcome them and to love them with Jesus’

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