Five Convictions for a Faithful Preaching Ministry

The longer I am in pastoral ministry, the more I grow in my conviction that expositional, shepherd-preaching truly is God’s primary, ordained method to feed and nurture his people. As a preaching pastor in Christ's Church, I have grown in my desire above all else to be faithful to the Word of God in every aspect of my shepherding ministry, particularly the preaching of God’s Word. Let me share five thoughts and personal convictions that the Lord continues to grow in me that I pray you will consider for your own life and preaching ministry. Conviction #1: Every preacher should be humbled at the calling God has placed on our lives to preach his Word Perhaps more than any other time in my life,

Do You Love The Church?

I love the Church. Sure, I’ll be the first to admit that no church is perfect and without its flaws. Still, I love the Church. Some of the sweetest memories of my life are from the churches I have been a part of, and the people and experiences in those different churches. Of course, I know not everyone feels the same way. Sadly, I have met many individuals over the years who aren’t crazy about the Church. Men and women whose experience has been a painful one, or who, frankly, don’t see the point or purpose of connecting to a local body of Christ-followers. I’ve heard things like: “I love Jesus, but I’m not a big fan of church.” “God and I are great! I don’t need a church to help me grow clos

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