Four Priorities of the Calvary Family of Churches

Along with serving as a pastor-elder at Calvary Englewood, one of the great joys in my life is being able to help serve the Calvary Family of Churches. The CFC is a family network of churches committed to planting and revitalizing congregations for the glory of God. We are interdependent, self-sustaining, self-governing, self-replicating churches that share: a common family name (Calvary Church), a common family doctrine, common core commitments, common family traits, and common family affiliations. Check out to learn more. Let me briefly share the following four priorities that we have as the CFC. Four Priorities of the Calvary Family of Churches #1: Pursuing our joy in Jesus

Keys To Becoming A Church Planting Church

Last month I was blessed to be part of a conference on church planting at Gateway Seminary. My topic dealt with how to move from being a church that talks about church planting to becoming a church that actually plants churches. In this talk I share some of the keys we have learned, and continue to learn, at Calvary about being a church planting church. I hope this challenges and encourages you as you and your church consider your role in church planting. Watch the video HERE.

When assessing a church's readiness to be replanted...

When assessing a church’s readiness to be replanted, the remaining leaders are absolutely critical. These individuals often have the power to can make or break a replant. Therefore, when you are evaluating whether a congregation is actually ready to be replanted, these key influencers must share at least five things. These include: 1. Hearts that are humble and teachable. – “This is the Lord’s church not ours.” 2. Desire to reach the community with the Gospel. – “This is our mission and mission field.” 3. Commitment to the Bible. – “The Word of God is our authority.” 4. Willingness to do whatever it takes. – “We are desperate to see God move.” 5. Belief that God can revitalize dying churches

Why I Wrote Great Commission Revitalization

I am excited to share what I hope will be a challenging and encouraging little book focused on helping plateaued and declining congregations and their leaders catch fresh vision and fresh passion for reaching those in their communities who are far from Christ with the Gospel. It is simply called, Great Commission Revitalization. In a day in which churches are closing faster than we can replace them, this book seeks to bring insight on how to revive dying and desolate churches with a renewed faith and sense of mission. The greatest need to turn these trends around are pastors, church leaders, and church members who are desperate. Desperate and hungry for a move of God. Desperate and surrender

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