Revitalization vs. Replanting: A Closer Look

One of the discussions I am regularly having with pastors and church leaders has to do with the differences between church revitalization and church replanting. What are the major differences between these two things? Here is a short list of some of the major differences between these two types of ministry. Both are desperately needed, but they are different. It is important to understand the differences. Revitalization: A deliberate, dedicated and protracted effort to reverse the decline or death of an existing church. - The least invasive approach as few major changes are made up front. - Utilizes existing structures, leadership and congregants. - May be led by an existing or new pastor. (

The First Three Years: Signs of Grace

This is part two of a reflection back on the first three years of serving First Baptist Church-Muscatine, a revitalization context in Iowa. In part one, I listed three things I would have done differently if I could rewind the clock back. Today I would like to dedicate part two to displays of God’s grace in our church during these first years. Specifically, here are three things I am thankful God allowed us to do in the first three years: 1. Move at a slow pace. Whereas in some revitalization and replant contexts the church knows they are unhealthy and are prepared for change, in large part, that was not the case with us. Even some who were aware the church needed revitalizing, believed

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