Remission And The Kindness of God

After a long day of tests and scans, here Eli is hearing from his primary oncologist, Dr. Julie, that he is officially cancer free and in remission! While he will continue to get scans every 3 months for the next few years, and blood work done once a month or so for a awhile, today is a day for rejoicing! Friends, words cannot grasp how grateful our family is for all of your encouragement and prayers over the past several months. I mean that. Your support has been such a huge source of strength for us. Thank you. Above all, we are thankful for the grace and kindness of God who has been with us every step of this difficult journey. In His mercy, He has chosen to heal our son and destroy this

Our Only Comfort, In Life And In Death

This afternoon I’ve been sitting next to Eli in the hospital as he fights off a 104 degree fever, which he has been battling for nearly 24 hours now. He keeps getting the shakes and feels just terrible. Whole body hurts. And there is nothing I can do about it. Just trying to help him feel as comfortable as possible. This is a small glimpse into what it’s like to journey with a child through cancer. I thought seeing Eli sick with a cold as a helpless baby was bad. And it was. But this is a whole new level. I often wish I could switch places with him. Especially on days like this. I wish I could take the fever and the chills and the chemo that is both killing and curing his insides at the same

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