Territorialism, Elephants, and Church Planting

Does it make sense to plant new churches that are close in proximity to one another? Does it make sense to plant a new congregation that is in the same community as its sending church? Is this wise? Won't these churches be competing to reach the same people? Couldn't this potentially hurt both churches? Do you fear that folks from these two congregations may feel the need to compete with one another? These are good questions that I have been asked by other pastors and friends over the years. Perhaps you have too. Now, the way one might answer these types of questions does depend on the particular context you find yourself in. For example, if you live in a small, rural community of 400-500 pe

10 Questions To Help Identify Growing Pride In My Heart

Many of us spend far too much time pointing out perceived pride and arrogance that we see in others. But what about us? Do we ever stop to humbly evaluate if there is an ungodly arrogance or pride beginning to creep into our own hearts? Take a few minutes to honestly ask yourself the following 10 questions... Do I regularly think of myself as more spiritually mature than others in my life? Do I struggle to humbly learn from others, especially those who are less educated or experienced than me? Am I quick to find fault with others and to verbalize those thoughts to others? Do I frequently correct or criticize others? Do I have a hard time admitting to God or others when I am wrong? Do I tend

The Calvary Family of Churches: An Overview Of How It All Works

In every city, every town, every community, every neighborhood, there are places where the good news of Jesus Christ is never heard. There are individuals and entire families who feel lost in the world and are without hope. The local church has been called to reach these people with the message of the gospel: that God offers salvation through the reconciling death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here is what we know: Planting, replanting, and shepherding a local church can be discouraging and exhausting. This is not only true for pastors, but for other leaders and members of any church. The reality is that there is opposition from many sides. Leaders get burned out and congregations age. O

Love: The Defining Mark Of Our Leadership

Love. There is nothing more important in the life of a pastor than love. In fact, if the two things that are spoken of us the most at our funerals are not our love for God and our love for people, then we will have missed the primary point of life and ministry. Sure, there will be a lot of nice things that are said about us, but if people are just sharing about “what a gifted leader” we were or “what a great preacher” we were, then we will have missed our fundamental calling. Our fundamental calling as pastors is to love God and love people with all that we are. Mark 12:28-31 gets to the very heart of this truth, where we read Jesus’ response to one of the scribes who asks him a question...

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