Needles in a Haystack: How to Find Christian Books Worth Reading

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” - Paul in Romans 12:2 Books. There are tons of books out there. In particular, there are tons of Christian books out there. On the one hand, this is a wonderful thing. We have never in the history of the world had more "Christian" reading material available to us. However, this is not always a good thing. In fact, for many, it can feel a bit overwhelming trying to discern not only which books, but which blogs and magazines, are actually worth reading? Which are biblically and theologically solid and which are no

How to Be in a Community Group When Life is Hectic

For most of us, life can get pretty hectic at times. I want to help us think through how we can stay connected to the life of the local church even when life is crazy. First, let me describe one of the primary ways we connect believers in our church family. Second, I’ll share some ideas about how people stay connected to these groups even when their lives get hectic. Community Groups One of the primary ways we connect believers in our church family is through community groups. Community groups meet once a week for two hours and are open to whoever wants to attend. We try to follow the group discipleship model exemplified by the Jerusalem Christians in Acts 2: we eat together, we study G

Servant Leaders: The Blessing of Biblical Deacons

Serving as a deacon in the church is both a huge privilege and at the same time can be incredibly intimidating, or at least it should be. I mean, let’s be honest, not one of us is worthy to be a deacon in Christ’s Church. And yet, by His grace, God chooses to call some of us to serve His people in this sacred office. What a humbling privilege it is. Because of the real challenges that come with serving as a deacon, there will be times when we feel completely inept in many different areas of leadership and service. For this reason, we must constantly remember our fundamental calling according to Jesus is to love God and love people the best we can by the power of His Spirit. Love God. Love pe

Learning From Godly Pastors: Five Convictions for a Faithful Preaching Ministry

The longer I am in pastoral ministry, the more I grow in my conviction that expositional, shepherd-preaching truly is God’s primary, ordained method to feed and nurture his people. As a preaching pastor in Christ's Church, I have grown in my desire above all else to be faithful to the Word of God in every aspect of my shepherding ministry, particularly the preaching of God’s Word. Let me share five thoughts and personal convictions that the Lord continues to grow in me that I pray you will consider for your own life and preaching ministry. Conviction #1: Every preacher should be humbled at the calling God has placed on our lives to preach his Word. Perhaps more than any other time in my life

How does a pastor respond to: "We just don't feel connected at this church."

One of the challenges pastors regularly face is trying to get people connected into true community in the church. I know it is one of the things I think about all the time. There are few things that burden me more than the thought that someone in our church doesn't feel loved and cared for. And so, as leaders, we must work hard to do all we can to provide clear on ramps of opportunity for individuals and families to connect. At the same time, after serving as a pastor in the church for over 20 years now, I have all too often seen that some folks are quick to criticize a congregation's failure to connect their family, while not owning or taking responsibility for their lack of effort toward p

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