In Defense of Faithfulness: Why Staying Faithful To Your Local Church Matters

I love my church family. I really love them. And I miss being with them terribly. I am eager to worship together again soon...I wait with hope. Every pastor I have talked with over the past few months feels the exact same way I do about their congregation. Every one. My guess is that if you are a Christian, you feel the same way about your church as these pastors and I do. At least I hope so. A local church family truly is one of God's greatest gifts to us this side of heaven. There is nothing quite like it. And while the large majority of Christ followers I know understand this, believe this, and celebrate this, I'm afraid some of us may have forgotten (or are beginning to forget) this is t

Your Words Are More Powerful Than You Think

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Words will never hurt me. Really? Is this true? What do you think about this statement? I remember learning this little rhyme all the way back in preschool. Perhaps you did too. My guess is that like me, you have found this little rhyme to be anything but true. My hunch is that also like me, you have been hurt by others’ words on multiple occasions throughout your life. In fact, I’m quite sure that even as you read this you can remember a time in your life in which somebody said something negative, something hurtful to you, and it stuck to your heart and mind like glue. Perhaps you still regularly think about those painful

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