July 25, 2017

We as pastors sometimes get so focused on doing the work of ministry that we often fail to understand our identity in Christ. The gospel tells us that “being” (identity) comes before “doing” (obedience). This lack of understanding our gospel identity oftentimes results...

May 19, 2017

Dialect (def): a variety of a language that is distinguished from other varieties of the same language by features of phonology, grammar, and vocabulary, and by its use by a group of speakers who are set off from others geographically or socially. 


September 30, 2016

“If the Lord were to honor me any more, he would make me the janitor.”

With those words, spoken by a friend and mentor, I was simultaneously shocked, rebuked, and encouraged.  

My friend had served his church in various roles for many years.  He is respected, he has init...

June 13, 2016

We live in a time of great pressure, both externally from the world and internally in our churches, to be anything but gospel-centered.  Externally we are undergoing a culture-shift away from Christian values and ideals.  This is to be expected and is not unique in wor...

May 31, 2016

 I can't get enough of this...praise God for the finished work of Christ!

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Pastor, are you willing to change directions as God leads?

April 18, 2020

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