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  • Matt Perry

Mark Dever on the Dangerous Allure of Speed in Ministry

Mark Dever gives a needed talk at Together for the Gospel 2016 on “Endurance Needed: Strength for a Slow Reformation and the Dangerous Allure of Speed.” This was the talk that meant the most to me. We pastors face pressure from without and within to turn people into projects to reach our own desired goals in order for folks to look at us and say, “Ooh!” Reform can be slow, but the process is a beautiful journey with people you love and treasure in your local church.

Here were some quick takes from this talk:

  • Pastoring, like parenting, is urgent work but not quick.

  • God gives unending provision because we have an unending commission!

  • God alone, not a goal set, is our ministry.

  • You need a godly joy to sustain you!

He outlined ten joys of the elder’s chair:

  1. Joy of resting in the sufficiency of Scripture.

  2. Joy of seeing people converted.

  3. Joy of knowing the congregation well enough to see lives changed.

  4. Joy of singing God’s praises.

  5. Joy of knowing the state of your members is more important than numbers. Know how your members are.

  6. Joy of hearing others preach better sermons than you.

  7. Joy of being more excited at God’s work than your own.

  8. Joy of knowing the weight of the world is on God’s shoulders, not ours.

  9. Joy of longing for heaven together.

  10. Joy of waiting together on the promises of a faithful God

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