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Some Of My Favorite Quotes From Replant Lab

The past few days I have had the privilege of attending an event in Atlanta for church replanters and revitalizers called "Replant Lab." So much gold in this conference for pastors and church leaders. Nuggets of wisdom and encouragement all over the place. Here are some of my favorite quotes...

Shepherds are called to care for the Bride of Christ, not become her accuser. – Nathan Rose

Replanter be assured that where revitalization is taking place, there will be many adversaries waiting for you. - Brian Croft

Replanting is a sanctifying work for both the Church and the Replanter. - Brad O’Brien

What about a dying church says "our God is Great and His Gospel is Powerful?" – Mark Clifton

All churches are messed up. – Josh King

The presence of many adversaries in your place of service is a sign that the Lord is at work. - Brian Croft

If you don't love your seniors, you need to quit being a pastor or repent. – Adam Wyatt

When the wolves come, that is the sign to stay - not leave. - Brian Croft

Preach and Pray, Love and Stay. - Brian Croft

A pastor must have the capacity to suffer. This refers to the ability to endure emotional and spiritual hardship for the sake of the health of a church while maintaining a biblical perspective of one’s suffering. – Nathan Rose

Love every part of the congregation, young and old, infants and senior saints. Diversity is beautiful and God ordained. – Adam Wyatt

The only place where the Bible talks about the death of a church is where Jesus warns them about disobedience. – Mark Clifton

It is not a matter of “if” you are going to suffer in church revitalization, it is a matter of “when” and “how.” – Nathan Rose

Pastor, love the people of the church more than what you want to do in the church. – Brian Croft

The chief Shepherd never abandons His sheep, how much more will He not abandon those who care for His sheep? – Brian Croft

You will certainly not turn goats into sheep by pandering to their goatishness. - William Still

Good shepherds smell like sheep. – Nathan Rose

Nehemiah rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem using 'old stones'. - Adam Wyatt

Replanting/Revitalizing is a calling for broken and courageous men who hold on to Jesus. – Brian Croft

If you want to entertain a crowd, go into show business. If you want to (build) a church, feed God's sheep. - Nathan Rose

My first 5 years was survival, next 5 years was flourishing and the next season will be about fixing stuff I broke. – Brian Croft

The goal of replanting can't simply be to make an older church younger. So don't miss out on the older saints. – Adam Wyatt

There is always another ministry/church, you only get one wife. – Brian Croft

Tactical patience is the ability to skillfully implement change at pace that is appropriate to a specific congregation’s health and needs. – Nathan Rose

You cannot be a good replanter without being a good shepherd, and you cannot be a good shepherd if you are selective in who you consider sheep. – Adam Wyatt

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