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How To Walk Into Church

I recently came across a brief little book that I wish every Christian would read. The title is simply, "How to walk into Church." You can buy the book here. The author is Tony Payne, who I love. He has co-written one of my favorite books on pastoral ministry and leadership in the church called "The Trellis and the Vine," which I would also HIGHLY recommend reading if you haven't. Get it here.

But back to "How to walk into Church"...

The book's description is simply this: If you've been a churchgoer for more than just a few Sundays, walking into church probably doesn't seem like it deserves its own 'how to' manual. Right? In fact, it most likely seems like a pretty straightforward and trivial weekly activity. But things are rarely as simple as they seem, and how you walk into church reveals a great deal about what you think church is, what it's for, and what you think you re doing there. In How to Walk into Church, Tony Payne helps us think biblically about church. Along with giving plenty of other practical advice, he suggests a way to walk into church that beautifully expresses what church is and why you re there - a way that every Christian can master. If you go to church, this Brief Book is for you.

It costs the same as a meal at McDonalds and will feed your soul in a way that Big Mac simply can't! Skip lunch one day in the next few weeks and read this little gem instead. You won't regret it.

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