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How To Get People To Show Up To Something At Church

It is an ongoing challenge in the church.

Everyone is busy. Too busy.

So how do you actually get folks to show up to something?

Your church is hosting a great event. You have volunteers who have put in a ton of time and prayer. How can you help make sure people actually show up?

Here are a few basics I have learned over the years. No magic bullet here. Just some serious intentionality, work, and love.

(To two volunteers who are getting nervous because only three people have signed up for their big event, which is scheduled for next month....

Hey Jim and Sue! I am pumped about this great event and am planning on going. I know you have been a bit discouraged by the lack of early registration. I want to encourage you and share a few thoughts on how to get the turnout you want...

It always starts with vision. What is your vision for this event as far as numbers you want to see turnout? If I remember right, you want to see at least 30-40 people attend. Is that right? Love it. Very reachable goal. Now, how to see that vision become a reality...

I want to encourage you to make INDIVIDUAL, personal, one on one invitations. You have written a great mass email to the church, and mass appeals like this have their place (primarily to expose people to the fact that this event is happening), but in my experience, the way you get people to actually get on board and show up for an event like this is pursuing them individually. Sure, you will have folks turn you down but don't let that stop you. Do whatever it takes to see your vision become this case, do whatever it takes to get 30-40 people to come and enjoy this event!

4 intentional steps to take with each individual you pursue....

1) Cast PASSIONATE and CLEAR vision for the event.

2) Share with them WHY you want THEM PERSONALLY to them see THEIR place in it.

3) Give them specific details on when and where the event is.

4) Follow up with a personal note/text the week of the event as a reminder and to reiterate your excitement for them to come and be involved.

Yes, this takes some time to make individual make personal phone calls, or to pull them aside at church on a Sunday, or to stop by their house for 30 minutes....but it is well worth it! I'm convinced this is the only way to assure good attendance at a special event or to grow a ministry or church for that matter: individual contact and personal vision casting.

While this event will no doubt be incredible for all those who attend, the truth is, with 1) the busyness of people's lives and 2) the fact that this is an event that is new to many of our people, including many leaders in our church, you guys will have to fight a little bit to get the people you want on board...but again, it is worth it! And you can do it!

Don't be discouraged...the Lord is in this! There is still PLENTY of time to get 30-40 individuals on board and committed to coming to this event next month. But now is the window to go hard after folks. I hope this is helpful on some level. I love you both and am SO thankful for your friendship and for your passion for leading an event like this at Calvary. Praying for you and this event right now...

Love, Mark

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