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Why We Must Replant Dying Churches Now: Reason #2

#2: The lost in our communities need to see joyful, passionate, Gospel-centered congregations alive and on mission!

Sadly, all too often declining churches have become “non-factors” in their communities. Where perhaps at one time this church was a central hub serving various needs in the community, many times, they have become nothing more than an eye-sore to those in the neighborhood.

Sadly, I have visited with non-believers in different cities who would just as soon see dying churches in their neighborhoods disappear and become restaurants or apartment complexes than for them to remain as they are: Non-factors in the neighborhood. This must never be! How desperately neighborhoods all across our country need these declining churches to be replanted, thus becoming lighthouses for Jesus once again. Replanted churches that serve as a source of true hope and encouragement, love and healing for people in that community. The lost and the broken in these communities need it. They need the church because they need Jesus.

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