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Why We Must Replant Dying Churches Now: Reason #4

#4: The God-honoring stewardship of money, buildings, and other resources.

One of the great blessings of replanting a congregation is the opportunity to steward God-given resources that have been handed down throughout the history of a declining congregation. This is another reason why we need to become more serious about and passionate about replanting. Matt Schmucker is right when he writes:

Billions of dollars, donated by faithful Christians over many decades, have been invested in land and buildings. Today, those buildings are too often underutilized or even empty—mere monuments to the past. Church planters often shun these resources and don’t think twice about pursuing the potentially life-consuming “mobile church” or “church on wheels” approach to ministry.

Why is this approach so consuming? Ask almost any planter. He’ll probably tell you how much effort it takes from his best people in the church to re-set every week, let alone to relocate when a school auditorium or hotel ballroom is lost. So consider moving into an old neighborhood, revitalizing a church, and reclaiming resources that were originally given for gospel purposes.[1]

I think Matt is right on here. The Lord has been honored in the past through faithful Christians who have given generously to these churches in the form of buildings and other resources for the sake of the Gospel. We’re called to be stewards of these resources as we seek to reach the surrounding community with the love of Christ.


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