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Why We Must Replant Dying Churches Now: Reason #6

#6: Fresh vision, ideas, and ministry strategies for other declining churches.

Dying churches receive hope when they see other struggling churches come back to life. But they receive more than just hope. Beyond the hope they receive, there are all kinds of practical ideas and ministry strategies that are gained in working with and learning from former declining churches. This is yet another great joy in church replanting. It’s not just for the sake of one church getting healthy, churches helping one another to become healthy again.

As mentioned before, the vision we must have as the Church and as Christian leaders when it come to this conversation of replanting is not to see one or two churches become healthy again, but to see a movement of churches replanted and for the glory of God. Many, many churches that were once close to death coming back to health and life again. This happens as replanted churches radically cooperate with dying churches that they might share fresh vision, ideas and ministry resources of various kinds. We are in this together!

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