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Why I wrote Replant Roadmap

Today is the official launch day of a book I've been working on for a few years now, called, Replant Roadmap. I woke up this morning praying that the Lord will use this book, even in some very small way, for His glory and the good of His Church. Let me share my heart behind why I felt God was calling me to write this book.

One of the great joys and privileges of my life is being able to sit down with pastors and church leaders in plateaued or declining churches and encourage them. To remind them that God is not done with their church.

In a day and age when what seems to be valued most in many church circles is big numbers, cool buildings, and over the top programs, it can be incredibly discouraging to be part of a church that has none of these things. A church that from the world’s perspective is less than impressive. Adding to that the reality that many of these churches are struggling to simply survive. If you’ve never been part of a church like this, it may be hard for you to imagine just how tiring and hopeless things can seem at times.

Will things ever get turned around for our church? Do we need to just close the doors for good? Is there any hope? What can we do? Is God done with us?

These are the types of questions men and women, pastors and lay leaders, are wrestling with everyday in the thousands of declining and dying churches in North America and beyond.

It is because of the burden I feel for these churches that I wrote this book. And my burden is not only to help dying churches, but to help equip healthy churches to come alongside them in this effort.

With all that I am, I believe that churches must plant churches for the sake of Gospel advancement in our world. At the same time, I believe churches must replant churches. Dying churches cannot experience transformation on their own. They need help. They need help from other Jesus-loving, Kingdom-minded, mission-focused congregations that share this burden to see forgotten, tired, declining churches reclaimed for the glory of God. This book was written as a tool to help with this.

By God’s grace, our congregation, Calvary Church in Englewood, Colorado has experienced the journey of being near death, almost closing our doors for good, to a place of new life and vibrancy through Spirit-empowered revitalization and renewal. Moreover, the Lord has kindly allowed our congregation to come alongside and help replant several other dying congregations. What a joy it has been to see the Lord do what only he can do for his glory: Breathe new hope, fresh passion, and renewed life into a dying church, helping it become healthy and growing, reaching its community once again with the power of the Gospel.

In this book my hope is to lay out much of what we at Calvary have learned in this journey of replanting dying churches. I will be the first to say that we have made many mistakes and still have much to learn, but hopefully some of what is shared in these pages can help equip and encourage pastors and leaders who desire to get “into the game” of replanting. While I’m thankful for the many conversations that are being had about church revitalization and replanting, this book is designed to mobilize those who want to jump in head first, get their hands dirty, and begin doing the work of replanting a dying church. I realize it is scary and will take a huge leap of faith, but I believe our awesome God will lead you and empower you every step of the way. Here’s why: As passionate as we may be to help dying churches, the Lord is far more passionate about it. This is his bride. His blood bought people. This is his church that he has saved for his glory. For these reasons, I believe the Lord is by far the most passionate church replanter in the universe! And he invites us to join Him in this endeavor. There is no time to waste. The time is now.

If you are interested in reading Replant Roadmap, you can grab a copy HERE. Please join me in praying that the Lord will be glorified through this book. Thanks.

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