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NEW BOOK - Honest Questions: Pastoral Answers to Everyday Questions (...a quick intro)


We all have them.

In particular, many of us have questions about God. Lot’s of them.

But where do we go to find reliable answers to these questions? Where do we find voices that will speak truth into our doubts and fears? Where can we hear helpful, credible, thoughtful, trustworthy teachers who are concerned not with adding to the confusion, but shining light into it?

Let’s be honest. It’s not hard in our day to find people tweeting or blogging their opinions about a host of different issues and questions regarding who God is, what He is like, and how He works in the world. But if you are like me, I’m not simply interested in hearing anyone and everyone’s opinions on these things. I desire the truth. I don’t want to live my life buying into the thoughts and opinions of our ever-changing culture. I desire to align my life and convictions with the truth of our ever-lasting, never-changing God.

That is why this book was written.

To help you find truth in the midst of your questions.

In the following pages, you will hear from 16 different pastors, each answering a common question about God and our relationship to Him. Let me assure you, every pastor who has contributed to this book is an individual who loves God, loves people, and loves His truth. Each of these men are experienced pastors who love ministering to folks, like each of us, who wrestle with honest questions.

In these pages you will not find condemnation, but grace, love, honesty, and clarity.

In these pages you will find truth.

Table of Contents


1. Can I really trust the Bible? (Matt Whitacre)

2. Why is the Bible so violent but Jesus so loving? (Adam Embry)

3. Is Jesus really the only way to be saved? (Garrett Wishall)

4. How can I comprehend that God is three-in-one? (Franck Corbiere)


5. Can I love Jesus but not the Church (Michael Morgan)

6. How do I find a good church? (Mark Hallock)

7. Why do we celebrate the Lord’s Supper every week? (Nathan Piotrowski)

8. How do I engage practically in the mission of God? (Seth Van Essen)

9. What is my role in global missions? (Kevin Hasenack) 10. What does the Bible have to say about social justice? (Spencer Parish)


11. If I gave my life to Jesus, why is my life so hard? (Dan Freng)

12. Why does God care about my sex life? (Evan Skelton)

13. How can I be more Christ-like in my communication? (Jordan Branch)

14. How can I improve my prayer life? (Dave Herre)

15. What does it mean to be a joyful Christian? (Matt Leonard)

16. If I am saved by grace, why does it matter how I live? (Gabe Reed)

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