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5 Marks of a Church Ready for Revitalization

Why do some declining churches experience revitalization, while others don't?

Obviously, there isn't one answer to this question. There are many factors to consider in this.

Ultimately, it is up to the Lord and His work of power and grace in a congregation that brings genuine renewal. However, God uses means to accomplish His work in this world and that includes using His people in the work of church revitalization.

It constantly blows my mind: The Lord chooses to use US in His work of bringing congregations back to life! How humbling is that?

While there is no "secret sauce" that automatically leads a church from unhealth and decline to health and growth, over the years I have observed 5 things the leaders of a congregation MUST share if that church is going to experience true revitalization. To put it another way, I have NEVER seen a struggling church experience true, Spirit-empowered, God-glorifying revitalization where the core leaders of that congregation didn't share these 5 things...

The "Big 5":

#1. Hearts that are humble.

The posture is: “This is the Lord’s church not ours.”

#2. Desire to reach the community with the Gospel.

The focus is: “This is our mission and mission field.”

#3. Commitment to the Bible.

The conviction is: “The Word of God is our authority.”

#4. Willingness to do whatever it takes.

The desire is: "We are desperate to see God move.”

#5. Faith that God can revitalize dying churches.

The belief is: "God isn’t done with us.”

If your church, or another church you know and love, is declining, honestly evaluate whether the core leaders and influencers are aligned in these 5 areas. If there is alignment, your church is in a great position to begin pursuing an intentional, revitalization see God bring new hope, new joy, and new life in a way only He can!


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