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The "Big 5 Markers" that a Church is Ready for Revitalization

As we continue to see large numbers of churches throughout North America close their doors for good each and every week, it is vital that congregations experiencing decline honestly evaluate the health of their church. More than that, declining congregations need to honestly assess whether or not they are ready and willing to do what it takes to be revitalized and experience new health and growth.

In my experience, here are the "The 'Big 5 Markers' that a Church is Ready for Revitalization." If you are part of a church that is beginning to experience signs of decline, let me encourage you to get together with some of your key leaders and spend some time discussing the following 5 questions together.

Marker #1: URGENCY – Does the congregation have a sense of urgency regarding their present condition/reality?

Marker #2: REALITY – Is the congregation aware of the nature of their decline/condition?

Marker #3: SURRENDER – Is the congregation at or near the place of surrender in order to see a better


Marker #4: FLEXIBILITY – Is the congregation flexible on the non-essentials and ready to adapt to potential changes in order to see a better future?

Marker #5: FAITH – Does the congregation see God as capable of doing this?

Remember, there is hope! The Lord loves your church. And He loves to show His strength in our weakness. It is true for our individual lives and it is true for our churches.

To help you continue to process potential next steps for your church toward greater health, let me encourage you and your leaders to spend some time reading a little book I wrote to help guide you through this season called, God's Not Done With Your Church. You can get it HERE.


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