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Prayers For Eli

Friends, thank you for your ongoing prayers for Eli and our family. I really mean that. It is not just the “religious” thing to say. It is true. In times like this, there is nothing more powerful and comforting for our family than knowing you are crying out to the Lord on Eli’s behalf. Our God is really big and really wise and really good. Who else do you run to in times like these? We run to the Maker of the stars who also formed Eli in his mother’s womb years ago. Our God is trustworthy and sure.

If you don’t know Eli, here is another pic of him. He is a very kind, joyful, humble and encouraging young man. He loves Jesus and he loves people. He is hilarious. He is also a gifted basketball and tennis player. He is also a fighter. You all would be so proud of his bravery and courage in this fight so far.

Lord, continue to fill our sweet boy with your peace and power. Jesus, be glorified!

Love you all. Mark

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